Values Education

Values Education is:

  • a framework which allows everyone to recognise and understand a set of shared key qualities and values in life.
  • helping everyone to find and develop these within themselves
  • helping everyone to come to an understanding that what they say and do influences others and, therefore, the local and wider community of modern Britain.

Our Values words are:

Community, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Equality, Forgiveness,  Freedom, Friendship, Honesty, Justice, Kindness, Listening, Love, Manners, Peace, Perseverance, Positivity, Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork, Tolerance, Self-Control and Christmas.

These core values will each be a focus for a month, every two years. To enable a deeper understanding of the values, we explore each through stories and by encouraging the children to think, talk and ask questions about them. We give time for values education in circle time, special time, assemblies and within other lessons, wherever possible.

We encourage all our families to talk about these values, our current values word is displayed on our calendar.