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The Place2Be is a national children’s charity working with 200 schools across the UK. They provide a safe space – The Place2Be room – where children can express their feelings through talking, creative work and play.

The Place2Be works with children, teachers and parents/carers too, providing therapeutic support to address social, emotional and behavioural problems.

The Place2Be helps build children’s confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to cope with difficult life events, establish friendships and focus in class. This in turn makes school a happier place to be for all the children and the school staff.

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A Place for Parents                

When adults are facing difficulties in their lives or are troubled by negative experiences from their own childhoods, it can create a high level of emotional strain, which in turn can have a negative impact on children’s emotional wellbeing.

The Place2Be recognised this and realised the best way to support children and make a lasting impact is by also supporting parents and school staff too. So in 2003 The Place2Be piloted a non-stigmatising counselling service dedicated to working with parents, grandparents and carers, which fully complements the work done with children. Since then A Place for Parents has been rolled out to dozens of schools across the UK, which have Place2Be projects
A Place for Parents is a free and confidential service for individuals or couples. It offers time and space with a qualified professional to talk and think about feelings to do with them and their children, and to work out solutions that feel right.

Weekly sessions are available, typically lasting from 8 to 24 weeks.  

‘My aim is to help parents and carers build confidence, develop ways of coping and better understand and communicate with their children, so that family life can be less of a struggle.’  says one Place2Be Parent Worker. ‘I have been warmly welcomed by all the school staff and I am pleased to be part of this forward-thinking school community.

If you think A Place for Parents could be of benefit to you, or you would like to know more, speak to The Place2Be School Project Manager who can help you decide if you would like some support. They will arrange for you to meet with the Parent Worker.