Houses at Marvels Lane Primary School

We use the house system to promote healthy competition and a sense of community. Everyone, children and staff, belongs to one of four houses and together all of the houses contribute to the well-being of the whole school  –  four houses, one school.

The houses compete against each other for a range of trophies: There is a weekly House Cup for the most house points (given for following the school values). There are also other trophies related to sport, attendance, homework and other special challenges. The first of which was the Tin Can Challenge in which everyone competed to collect the most canned food to support families in our local community. 

Inspiration for the names of the houses came from the tree on our school logo and the names of all our classes. The houses are named after English forests: Ashdown House, Epping House, Kielder House and Sherwood House. They each have their own colour, logo, mascot and (hopefully) increasing sense of identity. The theme of forests also works well as a message of health, growth and togetherness.