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The School Day

School Hours

Due to Covid-19, each year group currently has its own start and end times of the day.

Nursery Riddons Road top gate 8:55 3:10
Fig Marvels Lane top gate 9:00 3:15
Fir Marvels Lane top gate 8:55 3:10
Tulip Riddons Road top gate 8:45 3:00
Vine Riddons Road top gate 8:50 3:05
Ebony Riddons Road main gate 8:50 3:05
Koa Riddons Road main gate 8:45 3:00
Apple Riddons Road main gate 9:00 3:15
Silkwood Riddons Road main gate 8:55 3:10
Buddleia Marvels Lane top gate 8:45 3:00
Larch Marvels Lane top gate 8:50 3:05
Magnolia Marvels Lane bottom gate 9:00 3:15
Willow Marvels Lane bottom gate 8:55 3:10
Bamboo Marvels Lane bottom gate 8:50 3:05
Hazel Marvels Lane bottom gate 8:45 3:00

Extended School Day

At Marvels Lane, we provide both Breakfast and After-School Provision, both of which are intended to provide affordable childcare for working parents.

Breakfast Club opens at 8:00am and is a great way to start the day.  Children will be given a choice of breakfast cereal or toast and jam with water or milk to drink.  There will be a range of activities available for the children each morning as well as a quiet reading area.  Breakfast club costs £3.00 per child per session.

Little Acorns After-School Provision provides an environment for children to relax and enjoy themselves.  It will run from 3:30pm until 5:45pm, the time being split into two sessions:

  • 1st session runs from 3:30-4:30pm
  • 2nd session runs from 4:30-5:45pm

Each sessions costs £5.00 and the second session will include a light snack. 

Sessions for both services must be booked and paid in advance.  Please ask at the school office for further details and for a registration form for either service.