Google Classroom

We have chosen Google Classroom as as our Remote Learning platform.

Google Classroom allows us to:

  • set up learning in a safe, online environment
  • provide your child with an individual login
  • set learning for the class or groups within the class
  • look at pupils’ learning
  • respond with comments and suggestions
  • save all work in the online classroom

Google Classroom allows you and your child to:

  • see the learning set by your teacher
  • download learning or work online
  • upload learning in different forms (e.g. photos) for the teacher to look at
  • ask questions and make learning comments to their teacher
  • access only your child’s learning and comments
  • upload videos created by the teacher
  • use Google Meet (or Zoom) for livestreaming
  • use other apps linked to Google Classroom to enhance your child’s learning

How to login to Google Classroom:

How to access learning and hand in completed learning:

Joining a Google Meet session.



Please remember online safety during this time.

  • Your child should not share his or her login details with anyone other than yourself.
  • Your child may only use Google Classroom for school purposes.
  • Your child must message the teacher in the same way they would talk to their teacher in school.
  • When external sites are recommended, we will make sure that they are age-appropriate but some may contain advertising.
  • When we use Google Meet or Zoom, the school will record and hold the video for safeguarding purposes. Your child must not record or screenshot these meetings.
  • We recommend that you know when your child is online.
  • We advise that you talk to your child about what they are doing online, both for school and for entertainment.
  • If your child is unhappy with anything within Google Classroom, please email their teacher using the class email address.

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If you have any questions or need additional support, please email the school office on and we will do our upmost to direct your question to the best person to help.