Young Carers

Our school is joined with CARERS LEWISHAM and THE LONDON BOROUGH OF LEWISHAM in supporting our YOUNG CARERS.

In the media, there will be many stories of people who are Carers and are looking after someone in their family who is ill, disabled, has mental ill health or substance issues. This can often mean that, at times, Carers are isolated, unable to work or socialise, with no one to help them or be a friend. This can also be true for YOUNG CARERS and the impact this can have on their lives can be challenging.

We want the YOUNG CARERS in our school to be recognised and feel supported and to know they have someone to turn to if they need help. Here, at Marvels Lane, we provide ‘me’ time for Young Carers called Chestnut Club, every Wednesday after school. Here the children meet, play games, cook and generally have fun.

If you have any of the following:-

♥     A relative who lives with you who, due to illness or disability, is cared for by you?

♥     A disability, a physical or mental health illness yourself?

♥     A drug or alcohol challenge?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, then you may find yourself relying on your child or children for help with the following:-

♥     General household chores

♥     Providing care (to yourself or the cared-for person) when the child is meant to be at school, or before or after school

♥     Childcare for younger siblings because of your illness

♥     Collecting benefits, prescriptions or shopping

♥     Attending doctor or hospital appointments

♥     Supporting you emotionally

If you feel you, your child or a child you know is in this situation then let us know so we can help and invite your child to join us on Wednesdays..

The contact in our school is Jacqui Macnamara.

Or contact Carers Lewisham, Waldram Place, SE23 2LB. Tel: 020 8699 8686