Year 6 Visit the London Eye


There it was, the London Eye glaring into my eyes! Huge, majestic and circular! As I approached, I felt like it was going to topple down like a game of Jenga! I got even closer and my heart was beating as loud as a Djembe drum! My mind raced with so many questions: Was I going to be safe? Was it going to fall? Should I really have listened to my teachers? Suddenly, they told me that the Eye would still be moving as I got on. A wave of panic tore through my head, stiffening my actions and confidence! It felt like I was being chased by a pack of ferocious wolves!

Frantically, I hopped onto a pod (number 29) and gripped onto the bars with all my mighty strength until I finally decided to let go. I started to elevate around and around…

DSC_0130P     DSC_0165

The people below were as small as ants scurrying around to get home! I squinted into the sun and saw silhouettes of the Nation’s best landmarks. In a short matter of time, my pod was impaling into the clouds! I peered out of the shimmering glass and looked towards the needle like Shard, piercing into the horizon. Tower Bridge was getting run over by thousands of high speed toy cars! Big Ben was chiming every hour, telling me of time passing by. Buckingham Palace stood strong. Planes flew so close above, I could almost touch them!





As I started to descend towards the ground, my heart rate started to slow down to its normal rhythm. That was when I knew the ride was over! I jumped off with sorrow and sadness. As I was waving goodbye, I was sure I’d see this glorious sight once again…

DSC_0152        DSC_0158


By: Ajeena, Jagi, Akasha, Libby and Marissa.