What if my child needs additional support?

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What if my child needs additional support?

Teachers will provide learning for all the children in their class. If a child or a group of children require learning that is different from the other children, the teacher will ensure that activities are provided which meet their individual learning journey. This will be provided only to the individual or the group on Google Classroom. On occasion, the teachers may invite small groups of children to a Meet session to clarify certain misconceptions, direct children on key points or extend children’s understanding.

In addition, SEND groups, for example speech and language, will continue via Meet sessions. The parents and carers of the children who attend these groups will be contacted individually.

Children in year 1 are using Google Classroom with support from their parents and carers. The parents and carers of children in Reception and Nursery are being contacted by email in addition to Google Classroom.

How will the teacher respond to my child’s learning?