Sports Week 2020

Sports Week 2020 will be a little different. Rather than all of us competing in Chinbrook Meadows, this year we’re asking you to ‘go it alone’. How many of the challenges can you complete? What’s your best total for each challenge you do? Can you improve on your scores?

You can compete against your family, your dog or yourself.

We’ve listed some ideas for challenges to get you started but you can come up with your own ideas – the main thing is be active and have fun.


How quickly can you walk or run a mile around your home or garden?

Can you create a mini-Circuit of 5 activities* and complete 1 minute of each?

Skipping challenge – how many skips can you do in 1 minute?

Balloon chasing – how long can you keep a balloon in the air?

Can you build an obstacle course?

Boiled egg/apple/potato on a spoon – how many laps of your living room can you do without dropping it?

How many times can you throw a ball or soft toy into a bucket from 2m in 2 minutes?

How long can you dribble a ball with two feet without stopping?

How long can you bounce a ball without stopping?

Climb a mountain challenge – how many times can you climb up and down the stairs in one go?

Can you create an obstacle course and use sponges (pick up a sponge from a bucket full of water, go through obstacle course, see how much water they have at the end)?

How far can you walk balancing a cup of water on their head?

*star jumps, press ups, step ups, leap like a frog, go up the stairs, kick ups, knees ups

Remember to email your teacher to let them know how well you’ve done – they would love to see photos of your activities – remember to wear your house colours.