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Junk Man Assembly June 2019


Women’s World Cup Match 2019


Musical Extravaganza 2019


Marchants Hill School Journey – March 2019


March 2019

The school was in bloom! Daffodil Day. Many children in Key Stage 1, had taken care of their bulbs and had grown beautiful flowers. Well done to all of the children who took part in the flower show.


31st January 2019

We were extremely fortunate to be visited by Courtney Tulloch, the Commonwealth Games Champion on rings, who was raising money for Sports For Champions and our own school.

Many children filled in and returned sponsorship forms for the challenging fitness workout setup by Courtney Tulloch, he really put us through our paces.

We were also treated to an assembly by Courtney Tulloch where he spoke about what it takes to be a champion and he demonstrated some of his amazing gymnastic skills. During the demonstration, he attempted something he had never tried before, he dived over 3 teachers, WOW!

After assembly he also had a photograph taken with Anne, because of the amount of money she had raised. Thank you and well done to everyone who raised money and a big thank you to Miss Reaney for organising such a fun activity.


January 2019 Homework Assembly

Everyone was introduced to the fabulous Homework Challenge Cup.

All of the children received their Gold Stickers for outstanding homework effort and Merit Stickers for very good homework effort.

Mr Dove then asked all of the winners to organise themselves into their House groups. Children with Gold Stickers were counted as two points and children with Merit Stickers were counted as 1 point. The points were added and the results were: Kielder House 5 points; Epping House 14 points; Ashdown House 19 points; Sherwood House 23 points.

Well done Sherwood House for being the first winners of the Homework Challenge Cup.

The next challenge; The House with the highest points on Mathletics and Spellodrome. So get using those apps now!


Tin Can Challenge 2018

We are very pleased to announce, our first House Challenge has been a great success!

During the end of November Mrs Khan, started the Tin Can Challenge. First came a talk from Carol at Lewisham Food Bank, during assembly, where we were told what was needed. The Tin Can Challenge had begun!

Very quickly the cans started to come in. The cans started to mount-up and Mrs Khan quickly had to get more containers to hold all of the food coming in. In total 14 containers were filled.

The Tin Can Challenge Closed on Friday 7th December 2018. Carol from Lewisham Food Bank came back to assembly to thank us for all our generous efforts.

She was impressed with how well we had all done and gave us a big thank you. Carol explained that the food was going to be distributed between Lewisham Food Bank, to support those in our wider Lewisham community and to CHART, to support families in the local area to the school.

The cans were counted. The numbers were verified, all of the Houses wanted to be the winners. The Nursery children, who aren’t in Houses, wanted to get involved and collected 133 cans! Well done!

In total an amazing 1151 items were collected(cans and food packages. Multipacks were split to count as individual items).

As you can see the results were very close: Epping House collected 225 items, Sherwood collected 247 items, Ashdown House collected 270 items and Kielder House collected 276 items.

Kielder House are the first winners on The Tin Can Challenge Cup. Congratulations!

A huge thank you to all of those who so generously gave and thank you to Mr Charles for making the splendid Tin Can Challenge Cup. The final thank you goes to Mrs Khan for organising and running the Tin Can Challenge.


Music Extravaganza 2017 (Music Extravaganza 2019 coming soon)