School Council Meet The Mayor of Lewisham


On Friday 23rd January we, Year 6 School Councillors, went to visit the Mayor of Lewisham.


When we first arrived, we had the privilege of sitting in the Mayor’s chair. Later, we all gathered in a court room which was big enough to hold school councillors from many different schools in the area.


We were greeted by a young advisor who works with the young mayor. He talked a little about what he did, then we had the opportunity to tell him what the school council is like in Marvels Lane and what we would like to be improved in our school and in our area. We told him about changes we would like to our playground and about the traffic along Marvels Lane.


We also said that we would like our youth club back so that children and young people have somewhere to go rather than hang out on the streets. Afterwards, we were taken to a smaller room where we were welcomed by Sir Steve Bullock, Lewisham’s Mayor. He told us about some of the things he does, from visiting school assemblies to meeting the queen. He brought out his chains from a suitcase; he wears these when he is on duty. They are made of gold and are very heavy. We were able to ask him questions. We also asked him about the local youth club. He said he would look into this and called for his assistant to make notes about the details.


When we got back to school, we described our visit to the rest of the School Council. We are going to think about some of the things we learnt and see if we can plan a course of action.