At Marvels Lane, we have been developing our curriculum to make it both broad and balanced as well as interesting for the children. For most children most of the time, this will happen within the classroom and, when individuals, classes or the whole school need to self-isolate, we intend to continue with the whole curriculum, as much as possible, for children to work on at home.

We have chosen Google Classroom as our way of doing this.

Google Classroom will allow us to:

  • set up learning in a safe, online environment
  • provide your child with an individual login
  • set learning for the class or groups within the class
  • look at pupils’ learning
  • respond with comments and suggestions
  • save all work in the online classroom

Google Classroom will allow you and your child to:

  • see the learning set by your teacher
  • download learning or work online
  • upload learning in different forms (e.g. photos) for the teacher to look at
  • ask questions and make learning comments to their teacher
  • access only your child’s learning and comments
  • upload videos created by the teacher
  • use Google Meet (or Zoom) for livestreaming
  • use other apps linked to Google Classroom to enhance your child’s learning

We have created videos to show you how to login, and how to access and use learning resources. Click here to access these.

The children will also be provided with an exercise book to use if they are self-isolating and working from home.

When your child’s class begins their isolation, they will be given learning which they can do independently while the teachers set up the continued learning for the majority of their time working at home. The learning will then be added to Google Classroom daily and will include a mixture of videos from the teacher and different assignments to be completed.

REMEMBER: There are links to on our website ( to several useful internet sites including:

  • White Rose Maths which has videos to explain the methods we use in school.
  • Oak Academy which has videos of many other aspects of the curriculum.
  • Edshed and Purple Mash which your child will have a login for and will support consolidation as well as new learning.
  • There is also a link to Mrs Deojee’s phonics lessons and phonics all around.
  • Other sites which have a variety of resources and games which will support learning.


Please remember online safety during this time.

  • Your child should not share his or her login details with anyone other than yourself.
  • Your child may only use Google Classroom for school purposes.
  • Your child must message the teacher in the same way they would talk to their teacher in school.
  • When external sites are recommended, we will make sure that they are age-appropriate but some may contain advertising.
  • When we use Google Meet or Zoom, the school will record and hold the video for safeguarding purposes. Your child must not record or screenshot these meetings.
  • We recommend that you know when your child is online.
  • We advise that you talk to your child about what they are doing online, both for school and for entertainment.
  • If your child is unhappy with anything within Google Classroom, please email their teacher using the class email address.

Click here for more information:

If you have any questions or need additional support, please email the school office on and we will do our upmost to direct your question to the best person to help.