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This year, we are delighted to be joining a project called LifeSavers. This is a whole-school financial education programme for primary schools.

quotation-marks-clip-art-clipart-best-4fifxT-clipart2Lifesavers is a national programme supporting primary schools in setting up savings clubs, helping children and their families learn about money. quotation-marks-clip-art-clipart-best-4fifxT-clipart  

We are starting the project in Year 1 and Year 4 and hope to roll it out to the other year groups soon. In class, the children will be exploring five aspects of money management: Where does money come from? How does money make us feel? What can we use our money for? How does our money help other people? How can we look after our money?

In addition to the lessons about money, the children will be invited to begin their own saving account. The savings bank will be run by the children and by volunteers before school, once a week.

Marvels Lane Savings bank was launched on Wednesday 22nd of March.


It is open every Wednesday morning for children in Years 1 and 4 who wish to save their money in their school account.

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This project is being run in partnership with ChART and Lewisham Plus Credit Union.

If you would like to read more about it, click here to go to the LifeSavers website.