Home Learning


At Marvels Lane, we believe in the power of home learning to help you be the best that you can be.

Our Home Learning gives pupils the chance to focus on three areas: Reading, Challenge and Practice


Reading is amazing. We hope you think it’s fun, and that you are reading lots of exciting books. Your Home Learning book will have a Reading Record. Your parent or carer will need to sign it when you read, and it should be brought in to your class when your teacher tells you.

Reading tasks will be included in your Home Learning Challenges. These will be exciting activities to get you thinking deeply about the books you are reading, like creating posters, book reviews and character drawings.


We love to be challenged at Marvels Lane. It develops determination, grit, perseverance and positivity. Every half term, you will get a menu of challenges to complete from your teacher. These will be based on your topic. There will be a mixture of Writing, Art, Science and other subjects to choose from. The teacher will set you a number of these challenges to complete. Pupils putting in lots of effort into their Home Learning Challenges will be put forward to receive class awards or even prizes in Assembly.


Each week, pupils should practise some of the skills they have been working on in class. Practice helps skills get deep into your brain. Do it enough, you become an expert and can move on to new skills. Don’t practise until you get it right; practise until you can’t get it wrong!

Two of the key skills are Spelling and Maths. For Home Learning, all children should practise these by logging into these programmes:

If you have problems accessing these programmes, talk to your teacher. You can try downloading the ‘Puffin Free’ web browser.

Image result for spellodrome                Image result for spellodrome

 Please click on the links below to access the challenges for your child.

Year R Year 1 Year 2
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Year 6    

Below are other links which either relate to work completed in class or may be of interest to your child.

Image result for educationcity          Image result for purplemash           Image result for ks2 bitesize

Image result for scratch         Image result for lgfl

If your child does not remember their login information or if you require any other information, please see their class teacher.