Home Learning STARS

Teachers have been asked to nominate their Star Home Learners. They can nominated children for a combination of the quality of the work they are doing; for the quantity they are doing and the frequency with which the children respond. Below are this week’s Star Home Learners:

Nursery: Aliyah, Brunilda & Teddy

Fir: Joshua & Lydia

Oak: Micah & Alejandro

Birch: Al-Maahi & Olaoluwa

Tulip: Oren & Tharmeegan

Apple: Jarmo & Jose

Koa: Jem & Millie

Ash: Aiden & Gayla

Silkwood: Luka, Marta & Shamar

Cherry: Alessia & Anthoni

Larch: Imelda & Terry

Magnolia: David & Emmanuel

Willow: Gabriel & Vivian

Chestnut: Ecem & Kacper

Hazel: Enes & Lennii

WELL DONE all of you – keep it up.

Remember: If you haven’t seen your name on this list yet, you need to send you teacher photos of your home learning so they know how well you’re doing.