Home Learning 21-05-2020

Reception Home Learning 21-05-20

Year 1 Home Learning 21-05-20

Year 2 Home Learning 21-05-20

Year 3 Home Learning 21-05-20          Amazing Animals

Year 4 Home Learning 21-05-20          Recycle Week- Spicy          Recycle Week- Scorching         Recycle Week- Hot

Year 5 Home Learning 21-05-20          Outdoor Bingo Card

Year 6 Science 21-05-20          Science Extension Task

The Literacy Trust has published a book online called A Book of Hopes which over 100 children’s authors have written contributions for, all on the theme of hope. Click here to read it online. Can you find your favourite author? Why not read one written by an author you have never read before? How many can you read? Can you read them all? Let your teacher know which one is your favourite.

Unfortunately, it is only avaliable online, you cannot download it, although they do plan to publish a book later in the year.

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