Headteacher’s Remote Learning Award

Teachers have been asked to nominate their Star Home Learners. They can nominated children for a combination of the quality of the work they are doing; for the quantity they are doing and the frequency with which the child ren respond. Below are last week’s Star Home Learners:

Nursery: Adwita, Naimh and Snow

Fig: Amel. Callun and David

Fir: George, Ryael and Zyana

Tulip: Jack, Kayser, Lucas A and Lucas Z

Vine: Azeem, Frankie and Lyla

Ebony: Alfie, Ceon-Jai and Fionnley

Koa: Willow, Olly and Katherine

Apple: Ahmed, Angie and Olajuwon

Silkwood: Adam, Adesire and Sahaana

Buddleia: Mariana, Victoria and Willow

Larch: Akshata, Elias and Emiliano

Magnolia: Edgar, Evelyn and Luke

Willow: Jakub, Kayla and Sandhip

Bamboo: Carol, Tunde and Tyler

Hazel: Liam, Racheal and Violet

Well done all of you.

REMEMBER to upload all your work into Google Classroom – maybe you’ll get a certificate next week.