atchPlease see our latest (February 2022) Covid-19 Management Plan by clicking here.

February 2022 UPDATE

As always, the plan aims to respond to the current Covid situation, government guidance and any local approaches discussed with the Local Authority, Public Health and Lewisham Headteachers.

The latest figures and news reports suggest that Omicron is significantly more transmissible than other variants of Covid. However, the symptoms appear to be relatively mild for children and less severe for adults, particularly those who have had the booster vaccine. Nevertheless, it still presents a very real risk to well-being and health, not to mention it’s potential impact on staff attendance.

The updated plan is therefore intended to ensure a balance between maintaining school life while minimising the health risk for children, staff and their families.

The key points are:

 – Current arrangements for children’s learning, playtime, lunch and the beginning/end of the school day will remain the same.

 – Assemblies will only be with single year groups on a Monday.

 – Class trips will only be outdoors and local.

 – Adults in school will wear face-coverings in communal areas.

 – Most meetings will be virtual or suitably distanced.

 – Parents will still be allowed on site in the playground (outside). Face coverings will be encouraged.

 – Parents who would like to speak to their child’s teacher, leadership or the office staff are encouraged to, where possible, do this by phone, email or in the playground.

 – Face to face meetings can still be arranged, but only in exceptional circumstances.

 – Professional visitors will firstly make their own decisions on whether they can attend the school based on their individual or organisation’s risk assessment. We will then allow this if their procedures (i.e. LFD testing) are similar to ours.

 – This means that other groups (e.g. Children’s Centre groups) will be assessed on a case by case basis and may well be paused. Each provider will be in touch with you separately regarding this.

 – The key transmission reduction measures of: hand-washing, distancing, cleaning and ventilation will continue to be reinforced across the school.

As always, we will review the risk assessment on a regular basis in light of national and local guidance and developments. We are optimistic that some restrictions will be able to be eased by half-term.

Please do contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support, particularly in terms of following procedures for reporting your children’s absences.

Catch Up Premium Plan

Please view our Catch Up Premium Plan here.


For more information and advice on Covid-19 and what to do if you have symptoms, please go to the Public Health England website