With a warm and grateful heart, we post here some of the kind and generous thoughts that have been said about our school.

“I absolutely love this school, the kids are so brilliant, vibrant and positive and that is also reflected in the staff.”  Hannah


(on a visit to the Music Extravaganza 2019);

“The performance and enthusiasm of the children was testimony to just how much you and your staff contributed to the success. It was lovely to see so many happy and proud children showcasing their talents.”  Breda

“The Nursery Team have been fantastic and my child has been so happy to go to school every day. The teachers and staff have been caring, supportive, kind and funny, they really make it a lovely place to be.”  Tina



(a commuter on a train commented about our year 2 children);

“The children were the most polite and well-behaved group of children she had ever travelled with. “They were so considerate of other people on the train and super excited about their day out. It was lovely to see such enthusiasm from them and the teachers.”


(the mother of a child, after his first day in school, wrote);

“He loves the school. He told me that he already has three friends. Thank you for everything.”


(from parents);

“We didn’t choose your school for our son, we were allocated the school, so my son and I didn’t know anyone at the school or in the surrounding area. However, we have both been made to feel so welcome and my son loves going to school every day. I feel very happy in the knowledge that he is going into a safe and welcoming place every day.”


“We cannot thank you enough for all of the support, encouragement and inspiration that you and your colleagues have provided to our son, which we believe resulted in the achievements that he has made in all subjects during these two years.”

“It was a great honour for our family to get to know the most committed, enthusiastic and caring headteacher, teachers and friends that our son has ever had.”


(from a Storyteller who came to our school);

“Wonderful school, I love your displays. The children were lovely…”


(the librarian commented on a year 3 and year 4 visit):

“The children were wonderfully behaved. I’ve not seen this kind of behaviour in the library for a long time…”


(from a venue the children went to visit):

“The staff, parents and children were absolutely brilliant…”