Meeting the Mayor

Year 6 School Councillors were invited to meet the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, on Friday 23rd January.


We were very excited when we arrived at the Civic Suite.


We took our seats while we waited for the Young Mayor to talk with us.

20131206_101301 20131206_103213.1

We asked questions and will hopefully be seeing new improvements all over Lewisham.

20131206_110138.1  20131206_110448 20131206_110458 20131206_110510

Finally, we went to meet the Mayor.

He showed us many different things and we got to hold his badge, which was made of gold.

Real GOLD!

20131206_111431 20131206_111451 20131206_111502

We got to sit in the big chair!


After that we took pictures with the Mayor and set off back to school.

20131206_113800The very BEST part was having McDonalds ice cream on our way back.