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School Lunches


The lunch menu runs on a 3-week rotation. With the help of the children, our menu is varied and nutritious. We strive to use healthier products whenever possible.  

We provide fresh fruit, salads and milk everyday, along with freshly made sandwiches for a cold option.  You can view a copy of our current menu below


We survey the children regularly through our elected school council to establish what the children like and dislike.

We encourage the children to make healthier choices and to try new things so they leave  full and ready for an afternoon’s learning.

Our aim, as always, is to provide a happy, healthy dining hall.

We welcome ideas and all views.


Gina Younger


School Lunches cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week) and need to be paid for in advance.  Payment should be made through our online payment system, ParentPay.  To access the site please go to ParentPay .


If you think that you meet the criteria (please check Criteria for Free School Meals ) for Income Based Free School Meals (Pupil Premium) please apply online by visiting:

Lewisham Free School Meals 

Alternatively you can come into the office and ask for the School Business Manager.  He will complete the ten minute online application on your behalf.  Please do this even if your child is in YR-Y2 and currently receives Universal Free School Meals, as there are additional financial benefits for you and the school if an application is actually made e.g. .