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How Do We Teach Reading at Marvels Lane School?

A Parents’ Guide


At Marvels Lane Primary School, we believe that it is very important for children in to develop a love of books and enthusiasm for reading. Therefore, we place great emphasis in teaching the skills that enable them to read independently as well as encouraging them to read for purpose and pleasure. As a parent/carer, you can play a vital role in the partnership between home and school by supporting your child’s learning. The aim of this guide is to explain how we teach reading in school and how you can help your child at home.

Foundation Stage: Nursery, Reception


Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2

The children are exposed to a ‘print-rich’ environment of signs, labels, books, key words, displays and role play areas that give opportunities for reading, all of which the children are encouraged to notice and learn to read. There is a book area of picture books, where children can enjoy sharing and listening to during story time or focused activities. In this way, children’s enjoyment and a sense of purpose for reading are fostered.

All children read on 1:1 basis with an adult at least once a week. Also, daily reading aloud to class develops focused speaking and listening skills, as children are encouraged to respond to the texts they have heard.

Click on the links below for information about the formal teaching of reading skills:

Daily Phonics Teaching                            Shared Reading

Story Time                                                Guided Reading

Home Reading


Key Stage 2: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Phonics Teaching                                   Guided Reading

Reading Aloud                                       1-1 Reading

Quiet Reading                                        Home Reading


Reading for Enjoyment: All Year Groups

Bookflash                                           Reading Buddies


How Parents/Carers Can Help?

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January 2014