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Have You Ever …?

… Had An Adventure? Picture9

Picture1 Have you ever rolled down a hill?

Have you ever ridden a horse? Picture10

Picture12 Have you ever crawled in a cave?

Have you ever walked in the rain? Picture15

Picture5 Have you ever been buried in the sand?

Have you ever found your way with a map and compass? Picture4

Picture7 Have you ever built a campfire?

Have you ever jumped a wave? Picture16

Picture2 Have you ever been on a barefooted walk?

Have you ever canoed down a river? Picture6

Picture8Have you ever been rock climbing?



Have You Ever …? has finished for 2013.

We hope everyone who took part had exciting adventures and wonderful, new experiences. Even though Have You Ever … has stopped, these don’t need to!

We are already planning how the next Have You Ever … will be.

Click here for our HYE ideas




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