Wednesday 19th June – NURSERY CLOSED ALL DAY
Thursday 20th June – Y3 Trip to Westgate Beach
Friday 21st June – Y5 Trip to London

Welcome to Marvels Lane Primary School

Marvels Lane School is an extraordinary school, full of extraordinary people. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be its Headteacher.

Our aim is to create a positive environment in which all children are safe, happy and want to learn.

Everybody is welcome. We are inclusive and aspirational. Who knows what you can achieve with the right challenge and support?

Our staff team work with dedication and passion to provide a wide range of learning opportunities through high quality teaching and an irresistible curriculum.

We have high expectations for all our children’s achievement – academically, creatively, socially and personally – in other words, for each and every child at Marvels Lane to Be The Best That They Can Be in all they do.

Yours truly,

Edward Dove,


Our Summer Fair takes place on Saturday 29th June.  Any parent/carer volunteers would be greatly appreciated, please contact the office if you are interested in helping out.